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    Commercial Painters in Maple PlainImportant Questions to Ask Commercial Painters in Maple Plain

    Now that you’ve made the decision to hire professional contractors for your commercial property, it is important that you develop a list of questions to ask them, especially if you have never hired painters before. This list of important questions will give you all of the answers that you need to make sure that you are hiring the best team for the job.

    1. Can you provide references?

    References are a great way to determine whether the company that you are interested in hiring is the right fit or not. This will generally involve you contacting customers that they have worked for in the past to gather an idea of their customer service, work ethic, and if the job was finished to the standards of the customer. References are as important with hiring contractors as they are for hiring employees for your business.

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    2. Do you have a portfolio?

    Whether it is a physical book of photographs or if it is their website online, every professional painting business should have a portfolio available for your review. Inquire about where you can view their portfolio to get an idea of the work that you will receive.

    3. What brands of paint do you use?

    Every contractor has brands that they enjoy working with and they are generally the best brands available to professionals. With that being said, some of these brands can be relatively expensive, especially for business owners who have a specific budget. Ask about the brands that they use and if they are willing to work with less expensive brands to accommodate your budget.

    4. Is the preparation work included in the estimate?

    Before hiring commercial painters in Maple Plain, it is important that you acquire estimates. These pieces of paper will outline the cost of the job and everything that you will be paying for. Ensure that the prep work is included in the estimate, otherwise you could find yourself paying extra money at the end of the job. Generally your contractors will review the entire quote with you to make sure that everything has been covered in full detail.

    5. Do you have any awards or achievements?

    The best companies in the business are the ones who have been recognized for their work. Therefore, to ensure that your commercial painters in Maple Plain are the best for the job, ask if they have any awards or achievements for outstanding work.

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    To find professional commercial painters in Maple Plain, call CertaPro Painters today!

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