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  • Drywall Repair

    Repairing drywall is easy with the assistance of CertaPro Painters in Minnetonka, MN as your painting contractor.

    Did you know that you can hire CertaPro Painters in Minnetonka, MN to help you repair, replace, or even remove your drywall? Many people are under the impression that CertaPro is only a one-stop shop for all of your painting needs. We are painting experts and take personal pride in all of our work. However, depending on your painting contractor, CertaPro can help you with other home renovation projects as well. For instance, CertaPro's house painting experts have been trained to remove damaged drywall, replace the drywall, and then re-finish the surface with a fresh coat of paint.

    Drywall is a modern construction product that comes in large sheets and is used to complete a building's interior. It consists of thin panels of gypsum board. Drywall is a durable, lightweight, fire resistant, and moisture resistant material. If drywall does accidentally get damaged, then CertaPro painting contractors can help you. Say for instance you accidentally fling the door open too hard one day and the door handle slams into the adjacent wall. As a result, there are minor damages to the wall. This kind of damage looks bad, but is easily fixable if you hire the CertaPro painting contractors to help you. When fixing a damaged piece of drywall, CertaPro contractors cut out a square-centered patch big enough to cover the hole. Next, they prep the hole by using a drywall saw to cut around the edges of the hole and break the drywall scored pieces. CertaPro adds a piece of wood strapping against the damaged drywall that acts as a supporting wedge. The contractors then mount the patch with a couple of screws. Once the patchwork has been completed, the CertaPro contractors cover the seam, prime over the patch, and finally paint over with the matching top coat.

    CertaPro is the company to call if your property has been damaged and you need to repair drywall holes, water damage, or cracking. Whether you need your interior or exterior painted, the professionals at CertaPro Painters in Minnetonka, MN can help you from start to finish. Give us a call today at 952-994-4443 to schedule a free in-home drywall repair estimate!


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