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    The Best Time of Year for Exterior House Painting in Medina

    If you've noticed that the exterior paint on your home is looking rough, it may be time to consult with the house painters of Medina friends or family will recommend to you. However, when you have found a painting contractor and you are ready to schedule the project, you may wonder what time of the year is best for painting your home. Sometimes the time of year will matter if you are painting the interior walls and not just the exterior.

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    When to Paint Your Home

    Does the season really matter when it comes to house painting? Well, if you are looking for painters Medina, MN or any other states up north, you probably don't want to schedule your outdoor painting project for the dead of winter. However, the time of year can affect the paint and problems can surface after the job has been done if it has been applied during the wrong season.Painters Medina

    Many homeowners assume that the summer months are the best time for exterior painting chores, but that isn't necessarily true. The extreme heat present in many states during the summer, especially southern states, can damage some painting materials. In the south, along with the heat, some areas experience fast moving showers, which can make it difficult for exterior painting projects.

    In most locations in the United States, spring is a good time for painting because the temperatures are beginning to warm up nicely and it is more comfortable for painters to be outside. It still may be the wrong time of the year for states in the north because temperatures are barely about 50 degrees in some areas and the cold temperatures can keep paint from adhering properly. However, if you can avoid the rain, spring is a great time for scheduling your project.

    Winter Painting

    Winter is a good painting season for states in the south and southwest because the temperatures are still moderate and there is little chance of having rain showers. If it is raining, try to wait out the moisture or reschedule with your painters. The lower humidity helps the paint to dry faster as well. 

    Fall is also a good time of year for exterior painting because the temperatures are usually above 50, the humidity is lower during this time of year and, in many places, rain isn't an issue. The only problem you may find in the fall is blowing leaves since trees are beginning to shed.

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