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    Painting your home both inside and out is a great investment, and has the side benefit of making you feel better too! When you prepare the house for painting, any unnoticed mold and mildew will be discovered and removed, leaving your home a healthier place for your family to live. And when you hire professional painters like CertaPro Painters in Plymouth, Mn, you know that they will be carefully checking for any problem areas.

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    Why Have CertaPro Painters Plymouth Paint Your Home?Painters in Plymouth

    • Painting your home is the easiest and least expensive way to increase the value of your home; it is an incredible investment that guarantees that it will raise the value by much more than you will have to spend to have the job professionally done.
    • Curb appeal is an important factor in selling a home. Painting the exterior walls, trim and other surfaces will greatly enhance the curb appeal of your home.
    • Painting the interior walls of your home can improve the air quality and reduce odors. Using low VOC and zero-VOC paints and finishes can increase this ability.
    • If you have plaster walls in your home, painting with good quality paint can help keep plaster dust to a minimum.
    • If you have an older home, tough stains and other marks have often become a problem, and difficult to remove. A good coat of high quality paint can help to cover these marks.
    • Exterior surfaces of the home – walls, trim, window and door frames –need protection from the elements, particularly rain, ice and snow. Even the ultra-violet rays of the sun can cause extensive damage over time.
    • Interior surfaces also need protection. Oil from hands and fingers, grease from cooking, soot and smoke from fireplaces – all cause damage to your walls. Giving them a good coat of high quality paint can protect them from damage.
    • Does your home need a new look? The most inexpensive remodeling you can do to provide updates to your home is to have it painted.
    • Changing colors can change how you view your home. Use white or light colors to make a room appear larger; bright colors can provide a vibrant feeling; while pastel shades are known to be restful and serene.

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    CertaPro Painters Plymouth - Reviews

    Rating 10 out of 10. "Really nice and professional painters. Had no problem getting them to come back for touch ups." Mark Folcarts, Plymouth MN 9/24/2013

    Rating 10 out of 10 "I thought the painting job was very well done." Roger Fritz, Plymouth MN 8/13/2013

    The professionals of CertaPro Painters in Plymouth use experienced, reputable staff to get the job done right, and provide you with the results that you want.

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