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    How to Save Money Hiring a Painting Contractor

    Even though hiring a professional to paint your home can be expensive, there is a way for you to save on the costs of the project. If you invest a little of your own sweat equity into the task, you can save several hundred dollars and still come out with great results. However, don't sign a contract for painting Hopkins homes before you discuss doing some of the tasks yourself. Painting Hopkins

    A completed contract will have all of the work you expect the painters to do and once it is signed, you are obligated to allow them to do the work and be paid for it. Talk to the contractors and see if you can do some of the more mundane tasks yourself in order to save money. Some contractors will be happy to oblige you, but others may not be so eager because they want to maximize their payday. Once you've reached an agreement, have the contract written and review it before signing.

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    Tips for Saving Money

    Some people believe a good place to cut costs is when purchasing the paint for the project. Sure, you can cut cost by picking out the cheapest paint. However, always remember when you purchase paint…you get what you pay for. If you’re look into buying paint from a discount retailer or a wholesaler instead of getting through the contractor, be prepared to paint that room again very soon. A lot of cheap paints will fade faster, chip easier, and don’t cover as even. You may also spend the money you were saving on the paint by having to paint more coats. Cheaper paint does not cover as well. Ask the contractor which paint they prefer to use or buy a high quality brand so you will get the best results when it is applied. 

    As with any work you have done, labor costs will be a big part of your painter project. A good way to cut down on labor costs is to do any needed cleanup work yourself. Wash down walls that are going to be painted and make sure the trim and molding are wiped down so the painters' tape will stick. If the trim and molding is going to be painted, make sure it is thoroughly washed as well.

    Remove furniture, rugs, shelving and take down any mirrors and pictures from the walls. Not only will this help with labor costs, but you can make sure your possessions are carefully handled so you don't have to worry that they will be damaged or broken. Doing some of the work will help the project be done faster by the contractors painting Hopkins homes because they can concentrate only on the painting.

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    Customer Reviews For Painting Hopkins Homes

    Rated 10 out of 10. "we were very pleased with the entire experience and the reesults."  Jim and Mavis Ault, Hopkins 8/5/2013

    To hire the true professionals for Painting Hopkins Homes, call CertaPro Painters today!

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