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Choosing an Exterior Paint Color

Putting off an overdue exterior paint job doesn’t just make your house look less than its best, it also contributes to the early deterioration of your home, especially in Minnesota.  The paint serves as an aesthetic function that protects the outer surface of your home and adds weather resistance.  Many people put off repainting the exterior of their home because, although they really want to change the exterior color,  they struggle to find the right color.

As your Hopkins house painting company, we can help you make this difficult decision.  We have a color expert on staff to give you color inspiration and answer all of your questions.  Whether you own a historic home or want to add more personality to your recently built bungalow, we can help.

Of course, in addition to the advice of our color advisor, we can provide a few pointers that will help you to choose the best exterior color for your home.

Consider Your Neighborhood in Hopkins Before Painting Your Home

You can show personality without clashing with the neighborhood around you.  If you live in a neighborhood with very reserved colors, you don’t want to do the entire home in a color that will work against your neighbors’ homes.  However, you can still add some pops of color in the details without overwhelming the home.

If you live in a neighborhood that is more eclectic and already has bright and colorful homes, you should be as flamboyant and expressive as your imagination will allow.

One very important thing to keep in mind with exterior paint is that if you have a neighborhood association, they may have regulations regarding which colors are acceptable on home exteriors.

Consider Your Home and Landscape Before Painting

If you own an older or historic home, you may want to stick to more traditional choices.  If you own a newer home that is manufactured or is similar to the surrounding homes, you may want to add some pops of color that can distinguish your home from the rest.

You can also consider playing off of your landscape.  If you live in an area with amazing fall color, you might want to use some of those colors in the paint scheme.  As your Hopkins house painting company, we can help you choose the right color for your landscape and surrounding community.

Call us today to schedule a free estimate, and we will help you choose the perfect colors to beautify and protect your home exterior.

When thinking about a Hopkins house painting company, please keep CertaPro Painters in mind.


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