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How Color Impacts Mood

We’ve all had the experience of walking into a room and feeling calmer without being able to explain why, or even walking into a room and suddenly feeling anxious. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the color on the walls can impact our feelings, our moods, and even our behaviors. If you want to improve the colors in your home, contact us, your Minnetonka, Minnesota House Painting experts, for a free estimate and consultation today. Here’s an example of some basic colors and how they can affect your mood:


Neutral colors such as black, tan, white, gray, and brown tend to have a calming influence on the eye. Black is best used as an accent rather than as a shade of paint on any full walls; but if you want to go dark, there are options in the brown and gray palettes. The great thing about choosing a neutral color for the walls is that you can add or subtract colorful accessories as the seasons change or as your style changes, and you can renew the look of the room without repainting. With CertaPro Painters, your Minnetonka House Painting experts, we can help you pick out the perfect neutral paint color.


Red can be an elegant color, but it is very difficult to execute in a way that doesn’t negatively affect some people’s emotions. The color red is often associated with anger or fear. However, it is also a color that induces feelings of hunger, which means it is a good color for a dining room. It’s almost always best to use as an accent rather than as the main wall color.


Orange is an energetic and youthful color. It’s perfect for home gyms or playrooms. It’s usually not a great choice for anywhere that needs to be relaxing, such as a bedroom, nursery, or living room. When paired with white, orange has a clean and hip look.


Green is considered a restful color and is usually appropriate in any room of the house. It promotes relaxation, and many people feel that it relieves stress. It is associated with nature and can coordinate with many other colors.


Purple has long been associated with creativity. It’s a great choice for a craft room or home office. In lighter shades, it is also has a warm, calming effect.


Blue is soothing and serene and can even lower blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration, making it a great option for anyone with health concerns. In a room with lots of natural light, it’s a color with plenty of warmth and depth. Your Minnetonka House Painting experts at CertaPro know exactly how to help you pick the best color of blue for your home.


Yellow is a joyful and energetic color. It’s perfect for any room that you want to feel happy, such as a family room or kitchen. Be careful about choosing a very bright shade, because that tends to have an over stimulating effect on the nervous system.

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